Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vitamin infusion?

Vitamin infusions directly place vitamins in your blood stream through an IV. This bypasses the GI tract and increases the absorption of vitamins into your cells. Roughly only 50 percent of oral vitamins are absorbed by the cells where as 95-100percent absorption when delivered through an IV drip. This means you may encounter faster and generally better health outcomes from having an IV Infusion.

Is IV Infusion’s safe?

We consider your safety as the top priority of what we do, our specialist are all trained health professionals with years of experience in patient care and cannulation expertise. Revive Drip Hydration are committed to providing you with the highest quality service whilst adhering to all regulatory bodies and guidelines. All our staff are registered with AHPRA the licenced regulatory body for health professionals and must upkeep their registrations through professional development and experience. During your treatment  aseptic techniques are used to ensure best and safe practice and
most of our products are classed as complementary medications  with generally minimal side effects however this varies from person to person.
All our patients have a comprehensive medical assessment before their treatments including medical history to ensure they have no contra-indications to the ingredients. Our products will not be offered if there is a sizeable risk to the patient. Additionally, Pre and post observations are recorded and if found to be outside normal values the treatment will not be administered and the patient will be referred to their GP for follow up and review. We are happy to talk to you more on how we can optimise your safety further.

How much fluid is in each drip?

Each drip is designed and tailored specific to your needs. The medical questionnaire, vital signs and access to your veins will determine how much fluid you will be given with your treatment. It is dependent on the individuals needs and requirements. Generally the amount given is anywhere between 250mls to 1L. It is recommended that daily intake of fluids should consist an average of three litres, so we dont give over 1L of fluid.

How much does it cost?

Each treatment can be tailored to the individual however our set treatments and prices can be found under our services tab.

Does it hurt?

Generally during the treatment you will feel a cold sensation in your arm and after the initially cannulation it is rare to experience any pain. The initial cannulation will feel like a bit of a bee sting when inserting the cannula however no metal needle will be left in your arm and plastic tubing will be inserted for more comfort and slight movement.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending on what your treatment is, depends on how long the treatment will go for. Generally the treatment will last between 45min to an hour. There are many things that determine this such as access to your veins, amount of fluid administered etc. The IM injections or push treatments will only take between 5-10 min.

Can IV therapy assist with Cancer patients?

There is not sufficient evidence that suggest that IV Therapy assist with cancer patients, however there is some research on the benefits in our resources section. At Revive Drip Hydration will only offer cancer patients treatments with the recommendations and referral from your oncologist or GP.

Is there anything I need to do after my treatment?

No. the only thing you need to do after your treatment is to stay well hydrated. Some treatments may dehydrate the body, so it is important to stay hydrated. Your urine after the treatment maybe rich in colour this is due to your body excreting the unused products, however nothing to be concerned about.

I’m going in for surgery soon, should I get treatment before the surgery?

It is well documented that vitamin deficiency can delay and impair wound healing and can lead to post operative complications. Therefore, some research suggests that pre and post operative IV infusions may assist with wound healing and may reduce the risk of complications. There are certain vitamins that may assist with healing and amino acids that are needed for tissue repair. Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 can assist with immune function and decrease inflammation. For more information have a look at our resources section or talk to us to tailor a special infusion based on your situation to increase your overall wellness and assist in your recovery.

Are there any side effects?

Everyone is individual and results and side effects may range from person to person. However, it is rare to have any serious side effects from the treatments we give at Revive Drip Hydration. However, we are always prepared for any adverse effects, and have action plans in place to ensure your safety. This includes having trained health professionals administer any medications and have adrenaline for any signs of anaphylaxis or allergic reaction. 

Can I have an IV drip if I’m competing as an athlete?

The use of IV therapy in competitive sports must not violate the rules set out by the world anti-doping code. You could be sanctioned for the use of vitamin infusions in some regards. It is suggested that you contact GlobalDRO.com for further information to see if the usage of vitamin infusions will be allowed. 

However, in non-competitive sports, IV Infusions maybe helpful to assist in improving performance. Vitamins serve as regulators of metabolic function which can be crucial to increase specific metabolic processes. Depending upon the nature of the sport, strength, speed, endurance and fine motor control may all be enhanced by having the correct dosages of vitamins. Contact us for further information.


What if I am pregnant, can I get a IV drip?

Although some vitamins maybe useful to pregnant or breast-feeding patients, At Revive Drip Hydration we do not administer drips to those who are pregnant unless being referred and recommended by the patients GP or doctor.

How many doses do I have to get?

We recommended every three to four weeks to get an IV infusion, depending on the treatment and the patient. In some cases, it may be recommended every fortnight dependent on the needs of the patient. The body only absorbs what it needs from the infusions and will excrete the rest through the kidneys. Therefore, regularly getting your infusion will maintain your vitamin levels and assist in your health and wellness goals.

How long before I notice the effects?

This is very dependent on an individual basis and what treatments you have. Some of the effects are very suttle and you may not notice them on the first dose however most patients report feeling better immediately after their treatment. It is important to note however that results vary from person to person.