Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Every cell in the human body requires oxygen to function. Oxygen Therapy is a vastly growing medical treatment which is designed to increase oxygen saturation levels and increase health and wellbeing.

Oxygen therapy is utilised for a range of medical conditions focusing on delivering oxygen to saturate the body’s cells. Having low oxygen levels can make you feel fatigued, short of breath and confused. Numerous studies show that prolonged low oxygen levels can lead to poor health outcomes.

Oxygen Therapy offers a variety of health benefits and can promote overall wellness and health outcomes.

Oxygen makes up about 22% of the earth’s atmosphere. On average there is more enough oxygen in room air to sustain and maintain healthy living. However, there are some medical conditions in which can stop the effectiveness of the required amount your body needs for optimal performance.

Oxygen therapy may assist with delivering 100% oxygen to your body to boost your oxygen saturation levels, assisting with combating certain medical conditions and their side effects such as shortness of breath or fatigue.

At Revive we offer tailored oxygen therapy, so in consult with our health professionals we ensure you are getting the right amount of oxygen delivered to you in the right way to assist with your health and wellness goals.